ISSN 0005-2531 (Print) ISSN 2522-1841 (Online)
M.K.Mammadov, I.R.Safarova, J.H.Ismailova, F.S.Karimova, Сh.G.Salmanova


The reactions of esterification of polycyclic alcohols bicyclo[2.2.1]heptan-2-ol and 5-methyl substituted derivatives – tricyclo[]dec-3-ene-8-ol and tetracyclo[ .01.6]dodecan-3-ol by benzoic acid in the presence of catalyst naphthalene-1.5-disulfonic acid  have been studied. As a result, proper benzoate esters with yield 97.5–99.0% have been synthesized. The antimicrobial properties of synthesized polycycloalkylbenzoates are shown by the studies.


Keywords : dicyslopentadien, benzoic acid, polycycloalkylbenzoat, polycycloolefine, phenyl vinegar acid
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