ISSN 0005-2531 (Print) ISSN 2522-1841 (Online)

 Investigation on conversion of methanol to dimethoxymethane in the presence of VOx/ZrO2 catalyst on the basis Zr/Vx alloys were carried out. Tests has been implemented both in the presence O2 and in anaerobic conditions. Selectivity of reaction products has been determined.  A good efficiency of catalysts has been revealed in the presence of O2 – selectivity on dimethoxymetane makes-up 67.0 wt.%. For the purpose of investigating surface activity of catalysts the latter ones üere undercone to X-ray diffraction and X-ray photoclectron spectroscopy. The dependens of target products yields on  condition of the proceding and a state of sursace layer of  catalysts has been established

Keywords : methanol, catalytic oxidation, dimethoxymethane, X-ray diffraction analysis, surface activity
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