ISSN 0005-2531 (Print) ISSN 2522-1841 (Online)
I.M.Gojayeva, V.I.Babanly, A.I.Aghazade, E.N.Orujlu

A newly refined version of the phase diagram of the PbTe–Bi2Te3 pseudo-binary system was construc-ted using differential thermal analysis (DTA) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques. It was established that the system forms three tetradymite-type layered ternary compounds, namely PbBi2Te4, PbBi4Te7, and PbBi6Te10, and all these phases melt with peritectic decomposition. However, earlier reported Pb3Bi4Te9, Pb2Bi6Te11, and PbBi8Te13 compounds were not confirmed in our XRD studies. The existence of homogeneity areas based on all ternary compounds and the starting phases PbTe and Bi2Te3 was detected. The crystal structure of the ternary compounds was solved by Rietveld refinement. The newly constructed phase diagram provides very valuable information for choosing appropriate conditions for the synthesis of bulk samples or single crystals growth

Keywords : lead-bismuth tellurides, tetradymite-type layered structure, phase diagram, ternary compound, topological insulator
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