ISSN 0005-2531 (Print) ISSN 2522-1841 (Online)
P.Sh.Mammadova, I.D. Kulaliyev, K.A.Salmanova, I.A.Sadirzadeh

To expand the resource base and increase the efficiency of sulfonate additives, the possibility of obtaining them based on mixed raw materials - petroleum oil M-8 and alkylbenzene synthesized using propylene fraction C1830 oligomers was studied. It is shown that during sulfonation of mixed raw materials, the yield of sulfonic acids is 89-93%, the content of hard-to-recycle waste - acid tar is lower than during sulfonation of petroleum oil by 30-35%. The influence of the ratio of ingredients in the initial mixture on the indicators of neutral sulfonate was studied and the conditions for obtaining additives of the required quality were found. The properties of the developed additives in M-11 oil at a concentration of 5% were studied by standard methods. The composition and structure of sulfonates were studied by elemental analysis and IR spectroscopy. The resulting additives have a micellar structure. The results of laboratory tests have shown that neutral, medium - and highly alkaline semi-synthetic calcium sulfonates have high physico-chemical and functional properties. The neutral sulfonate is superior in yield, active substance content, and dispersing properties to NСК petroleum sulfonate and OLOA  246B additive. Medium- and high-alkaline additives in terms of physicochemical and detergent properties are at the level of commercial petroleum sulfonates C-150, C-300 and Hightech 6060M additives, and surpass them in dispersing, anti-corrosion properties and stability against oxidation. Alkaline semi-synthetic calcium sulfonates have a high stability of the colloidal dispersion to the action of water and have better performance compared to analogues. With an increase in the alkalinity of the obtained additives, the physicochemical properties improve, which is associated with the features of their colloidal structure. Using the developed neutral and high-alkaline additives as detergent-dispersant components, experimental motor oils М-10DM and М-10G2, were prepared, which meet the requirements in terms of quality. The high efficiency of semi-synthetic sulfonates allows them to be used in modern motor oils

Keywords : petroleum oil, alkylbenzene, semi-synthetic sulfonates, detergent-dispersant additives, motor oils, functional properties
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