ISSN 0005-2531 (Print) ISSN 2522-1841 (Online)
B.A.Mammadov, R.S.Rzayev, D.N.Aliyeva, S.S.Mashayeva


The regularities and oligomer products of the oxidative copolycondensation reaction of 1,4-diaminobenzene with resorcin in the presence of oxidizers H2O2 and NaOCl have been investigated. It has been established that an increase in temperature and reaction duration and also a quantity of oxidizers in the reaction mixture is accompanied by yield growth of oligomer products. The reaction products, basically, consist in cooligomers of the above-mentioned monomers but homopolymer of resorcin is also formed as a side product. The character of influence of condition of the oxidative copolycondensation reaction on composition, structure and properties of the prepared cooligomers has been revealed. The synthesized cooligomers can be used as the antistatic and antioxidant additions to the industrial thermoplasts and elastomers.


Keywords : aromatic amines, oligohydroxyarylenes, oligoaminoarylenes, cooligomers of amines with hydroxyarylenes
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