ISSN 0005-2531 (Print) ISSN 2522-1841 (Online)
A.I.Dunyamalieva, N.I.Kurbanova, E.B.Zeynalov

In recent years much attention is paid to elaboration of polymer nanocomposites doped with functional nanofillers. Carbon nanoparticles including fullerenes are among them and they are considered as promising fillers bearing antiradical functionality. However the bad compatibility one of the constraining factors for wider use of these advanced polymeric  materials. Compositions based on  isotactic polypropylene (PP), fullerene soot (FS) and maleinized high density polyethylene  (MA-g-PE) were prepared by the melt blending technique. Mechanical and thermal properties of the obtained PP/FS/MA-g-PE fragments nanocomposites have been thoroughly studied. It has been established that MA-g-PEfragments in PP matrix increase the mechanical and thermal properties of nanocomposites due to enhanced and improved compatibility of FS with the polymer matrix

Keywords : isotactic polypropylene, composites, stabilization, antioxidant, fullerene soot, maleinized high density polyethylene
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