ISSN 0005-2531 (Print) ISSN 2522-1841 (Online)
N.R.Abıshova, U.M.Gurbanova, R.G.Huseynova, A.Sh.Aliyev

This article presents a study of the electrochemical reduction of cobalt ions from an alkaline glycine electrolyte by measuring cyclic and linear potentiodynamic polar curves. In the study, a cadmium salt (CoCl2) dissolved in a 1.5 M glycine solution was used as a source of cadmium ions and the pH of the electrolyte was adjusted to the required value by adding NH4OH to the solution. By taking cyclic pola-rized curves, the range of potentials at which the reduction of cobalt ions occurs was established. The effect of cobalt concentration and temperature on the reduction process of its ions from a studied electrolyte has been studied. Finding a linear relationship between ip and ʋ1/2 established that the process of electrodeposition of cobalt ions from an alkaline glycine electrolyte is controlled by diffusion polarization, which was confirmed by the curves obtained when plotting the lgik – 1/T dependence

Keywords : cobalt, electrodeposition, glycine, polarization, alkaline electrolyte
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