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STUDY OF CHEMICAL INTERACTION IN SYSTEM (Ga2S3)0.315(Nd2S3)0.685 (e2)–(Ga2S3)0.33(EuS)0.67 (e5)
I.B.Bakhtiyarli, R.J.Gurbanova, R.I.Kerimov, E.N.Ismayilova, U.A.Hasanova, F.M.Mammadova


The paper deals with the study of ternary system Nd2S3-Ga2S3-EuS. This research work was conducted in the direction of section (Ga2S3)0.315(Nd2S3)0.685 (e2)-(Ga2S3)0.33(EuS)0.67 (e5). The samples were studied using complex methods of physical-chemical analysis (differential thermal analysis (DTA), X-ray phase, microstructural analysis (MSA), measurement of microhardness and determination of density. According to obtained results phase diagram of section was plotted. It was determined that section (Ga2S3)0.315(Nd2S3)0.685 (e2)-(Ga2S3)0.33(EuS)0.67 (e5) is non-quasibinary section of ternary system Nd2S3-Ga2S3-EuS. Two primary crystallization curves are liquidus of section. Soliduses are three non-variant eutectic equilibria. Since this section passes through the field of four subordinate triangular in projection of liquidus, the phase diagram consists of four parts. 


Keywords : system, phase equilibrium, synthesis, physico-chemical analysis
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№3 2023
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